Hon. Dipo Okeyomi Carry-Go felicitates with Nigerians.

Democracy day celebration in Nigeria


“One other significance of June 12 as a democracy day resides in the fact that MKO Abiola made the highest sacrifice for democracy in Nigeria, he lost his wife, paid the supreme price, lost his businesses and failed to climb the seat of power that he won. The declaration of the day as democracy day , and the posthumous recognition and accolades showered on ‘ President’ MKO Abiola are well deserved.

Hon. Dipo Okeyomi Carry-Go, said the recognition would cure the injustices displayed by successive administrations after the annulment.

He said , “ It is a most welcome development for the current government to cure the great injustice displayed by successive governments after the Abacha brutal dictatorship. Successive governments since 1999 has been feigning ignorance of the fact that it was the concerted efforts of Nigerians, after the annulment of the June 12 election, that led to the termination of the long years of military rule.

“Looking at it from that perspective, it was the act of the annulment itself which afforded us the opportunity of civil rule. It emboldened some of the political activists such as Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and others to continue in that struggle even when another military junta succeeded the IBB (Babangida) regime.

“Let us not forget that the agitation would have truly become a debacle, if it had not been for the heroic act of Chief MKO Abiola, who was under a lot of pressure to abandon his mandate, particularly when he saw most of the leaders of his own political party abandoning the ship.”

CAFI President
“The Buhari administration have cured this grave injustice. We have not, however, transited into a country imbibed with the basic principles of the democratic culture. Free and fair elections are an essential ingredient of a democratic state. We have transited to a civilian regime; we have now transited to democracy. President Buhari’s action with regards to the declaration of June 12 as Democracy Day and award of the highest honour to the late Chief MKO Abiola are relevant, just, courageous and patriotic .

“This notwithstanding, recognising that the catalyst that has ushered us to where we are today and as a day to honour and celebrate as democracy day, as well as recognising those who sustained the struggle, is a most welcome development, particularly as successive administrations had either been fearful or simply not favourably disposed to doing so.”

In his views, Coordinator, Sanwo-Olu Vanguard ICG, Ojokoro LCDA,
added that, “President Muhammadu Buhari has snatched history books from Chief Obasanjo and wrote his name in gold in Nigeria’s chequered history.

June 12 is now Democracy Day. Obasanjo had the opportunity to do what PMB just did given the obvious and painful truth that the Late Chief Abiola came from the same South – West and Ogun State.

“This is a landmark and historic accomplishment and President Buhari deserves all our commendations and all the praises for doing this. It is a lesson for all. We fought and fought in the last Twenty Six (26) years and we won. ”

Hon. Dipo Okeyomi Carry-Go

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