McBrown shows skin for the first time and fans believe it is photoshop.

It’s thinner. Really. Look closer!

Popular actress Nana Ama McBrown has released a new photo showing how she slayed with her pregnancy.

This photo is very different from the ones she had released earlier after her birth to show off her baby bump. In this new photo, McBrown, also called Mrs. Mensah, is seen wearing a beautiful but short wine-coloured dress.

She looked indeed splendid but the photo seems to have surprised many of her fans. The actress is not known for this type of dressing, and one could understand that it was an occasional post to celebrate her pregnancy.

But, some of her fans are not convinced it could be a real photo and believe it is photoshop.

For instance, an Instagram user, Efya, wondered if she was the only one seeing the photo as fake or her eyes were deceiving her:

_efya_serwaa_: “Is it only me that sees this pictures as photoshopped or its my eyes.”

Ama was surprised that McBrown hid her baby bump from the prying eyes of Ghanaians so well.

ama.nessa: “So surprised as to how well she hid this bump.” Gyasi was stunned by the photo and could only scream “wow”:

gyasidorean: “Woooow.”

Naadu, commenting in the Akan language, described Nana Ama as “beautiful pregnant woman”:

instananaadu:Opimfoɔ Ahoɔƒɛ.” Gifty described the photo as “cute baby bump”:

gifty.debrah: “Cute baby bump.”

Meanwhile, McBrown, has, for the first time, , according to an earlier report by

She has been the topmost subject for discussion in the entertainment industry after she gave birth to her first child in Canada earlier in March 2019.

The 42-year-old McBrown received this precious gift of a baby girl after nearly 4 year in marriage. Before he delivery, she was in the news for singing praises to God for her pregnancy. Nana Ama was also seen dancing Shaku Shaku even when she was heavily pregnant. The love shown her after her delivery shows that the affable actress is really admired by Ghanaians.

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